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The real reason why Vanessa Mdee quit her music career

June 25, 2020 at 11:46
Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee has announced, much to the shock of Tanzanian entertainment scene pundits, that she is done with the music and showbiz, preferring to pursue a quieter life away from the spotlight of fame.

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According to her, the entertainment industry is filled with demonic forces preying upon the artists. And so Vanessa Mdee has decided she would rather safeguard her soul from the forces of Satan.

vanessa mdee and rotimi

But is this really the reason why the Tanzanian nightingale has decided to quit her entertainment dreams and ambitions?

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I would wager not. Vanessa Mdee is betting, and it is a well-informed bet, that her man Rotimi can take care of her in the least but more importantly that he can atleast open up some doors for her in America, the land of the brave, home of the free. And if her bet pays off, she wouldn’t need the hustle and bustle of pursuing a career in entertainment.

vanessa mdee

While many might think that this is a simple way to make a living, it actually isn’t. Entertainers face pressures unique to their career, one of which is faking it till they make it and this pressure often results in them digging themselves into debt.

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It also involves entertainers like Vanessa Mdee running themselves as business entities. That means they have to oversee the distribution of their music, the collection of their royalties, engaging in mutually beneficial contracts with corporations and also finally overseeing the final product that is their brand.

vanessa mdee

Why would you want to endure this headache if you know you have a guy who has the potential tool be a great provider?

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And that is the dilemma I believe Vanessa mdee faced. And her deciosn was easier than it is for most other artists. Perhaps because biology played into making her want to start a family and she views Rotimi as the best candidate available.

Whatever the case may be, time will tell.


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