The reason Jacque Maribe has been so successful at love

Jacque Maribe is an enigma. How she has managed to love men who in turn love her and remain steadfast in their loyalty to them long after the relationship has run its course is something for the annals of history. You see, we often get a glimpse into her private life thanks to the fact that she used to publicize every aspect of her romantic life with the exception of one relationship -that with Eric Omondi.

jacque maribe and dennis itumbi

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Eric Omondi’s situation was a well-guarded secret that was whispered in different corners but never confirmed until we saw Jacque Maribe go to court. Other situations that were poorly guarded include the one involving Dennis Itumbi. Photos surfaced of Jacque Maribe and Itumbi kissing and we were then treated to absurd explanations.

Then from there the most serious relationship we were treated to was her engagement to Jowie Irungu but because that is a matter still in court, we cannot say too much on that.

The question that many have been asking is, “What is it about Jacque Maribe that keeps these men completely locked in even when there is no clear discernible benefit to them?”
“What did she offer that these men are convinced they cannot find elsewhere?”

jacque maribe and eric omondi

When you look at her hitlist, her past relationships were with men whose names read like a register of who is who in the Kenyan entertainment and even socio-political landscape. What that stands to prove is that in our third world setup, these are high-value men.

jacque maribe in the docks with jowie irungu

Perhaps this is proof of the fact that Jacque Maribe has female game. No, that isn’t a euphemism for anything sensual. I mean she knows how to game men’s minds on a level that breaks these men’s minds. That speaks to how well she understands the average man’s mentality and knows how to package herself to leave an indelible mark.

Jacque Maribe and Mike Sonko raise eyebrows as they sit dangerously close to each other (Photos)

Another thing that Jacque Maribe has a knack for attracting simps. The archetype of men who want to play out their hero schema and save a woman. And she is adept at playing the role of the damsel in distress which allows these men to want to save her from her dragons. That is why these men always fall over themselves trying to get to court to support her during her appearances and why they allegedly clamoured to get her some support for from bigwigs when she was initially arrested.

Dennis Itumbi once again writes a sweet poem for Jacque Maribe on her birthday

She knows how to be feminine. Jacque Maribe has never come off as a domineering woman. She isn’t one of the women you look at and feel will be a daily headache to deal with. She never once came across as a contrarian. And in this world where there is a dearth of calm, amenable women, Jacque Maribe stands out.

She has a certain approachability. Aesthetically, she isn’t a stunner. She is a plain Jane. The type of lass you would expect to see right next door. This in and of itself makes men believe they stand a chance with her. So multiple men do try their luck.


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