The understated genius of Diamond Platnumz song Waah!

Image: Diamond Platnumz with Koffi Olomide during the making of the song Waah

Diamond Platnumz is a genius and his song Waah is a work of art that best exemplifies this. You see, he might have a lot of detractors who rightly point to some low-IQ social behaviour such as having as many children by as many different women as possible.

Diamond Platnumz refuses to pay his debt!

Why you ask? Because Diamond Platnumz often displays low social and emotional IQ with the way he runs his affairs but in as far as his art is involved, Diamond Platnumz is a king. And the fact that he got the right handlers in to handle his business. But back to the lecture at hand.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz dancing

You see, Diamond already has the younger generations eating out of the palm of his hand. Anything he releases is turned to gold and adored by younger East Africans but treated as anathema by the older generation. The cite the lyrics but in truth I would argue it just wasn’t their type of music. Until now.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz throw son lavish party to mark 4th birthday in style (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz seems to be aware that the better audience to tap into is the older generation. They have more disposable income and have fewer demands of performers. And the type of music they like will eventually be embraced by the older generations as they age out of the pop culture fad. And when this happens, they are sure to find Diamond Platnumz there with his most recent song, Waah.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz effortlessly flaunts his shiny jewels

You see, Diamond realized that Koffi Olomide is king in that demographic across all of East Africa. Yup, Koffi will be performing as a legend in Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan and even beyond. So why not work with him? He is the gatekeeper to that generation so rather than spend a lot of money and time trying to ingratiate yourself to that generation, why not work with a living legend?

The fact that the song is popular across a plethora of generations was merely an unforeseen plus. And why not run with it now? But surely, you have to look at the song Waah and realize just how genius all this has turned out to be.

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