The virtue signalling going on with Nick Mutuma’s case is disgusting

Image: Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma should be celebrating. he should be the toast of the town, popping bottles and celebrating the fact that Netflix has decided to take up his movie and show it to the world. Hell, Kenyans need to be celebrating the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, Netflix will begin to look at Kenyan celebrities with a keen eye and try to take up some more Kenyan content.

Nick Mutuma responds to allegations of sexual assault

And that is down to the fact that Nick Mutuma’s movie met their standards. Perhaps they will Dorothy Ghettuba over at Netflix will decide to only work with Nick Mutuma affiliated projects but even if that’s the case, it still opens up a lot of work for Kenyan actors, makeup artists and the likes.

Nick Mutuma
Nick Mutuma sexual assault saga

And then Kenyan feminists decided to dredge themselves up from whatever shithole they usually hide in to give their two cents worth of wisdom on matters they do not fully understand. They decided that they will not do due process and instead do the stupid nonsense of simply pointing and sputtering and attacking a man on the basis of an accusation. These are the same people who will start crying if the Kenyan judicial system does away with due process. the irony of these quasi-intellectuals thinking they are smart enough to hold an informed opinion yet all it is a feeling.

Tables turn as Nick Mutuma’s victim of sexual violence comes to his defense

Anyway, Nick Mutuma was once accused of taking advantage of a certain female. According to the victim, they have settled their issues. None of us understands what that means but the fact still remains that they have settled their issues.

However, Kenya’s -nay, Nairobi’s feminists decided to make a mountain out of a molehill, promoting a crusade about absolutely nothing and what is mind-boggling is that they weren’t even there but they are more than willing to sacrifice a man, his career and family at the altar of their ideology. And it is a disgusting sight to behold.

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To see people who claim to stand for equality, people who pretend to stand for justice attempt to rob a man of his right to due process is staggering. Maybe there is something to be said about all the people such as myself who are against misandry disguised as feminism (HEROES?) but we all have to stand against this disgusting mob psychology.

Nick Mutuma
Nick Mutuma posing

The same people who accused Nick Mutuma of nonsense did not stand to retract their statements. Instead, they sulked and slinked back into the crevices (shitholes) they crawled out of. Imagine that. He was going to be robbed of a golden opportunity and all these people could do was to disconnect their WiFi. Tell me how you as an honest, law-abiding citizen can avoid being disgusted about this.

nick mutuma cover

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