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They Grow Up So Fast!-The WaJesus Family Celebrate Daughter’s 3 Months

June 22, 2022 at 12:17
They Grow Up So Fast!-The WaJesus Family Celebrate Daughter's 3 Months

The WaJesus Family are over the moon as their 2nd child turns 3 months today, June 22nd. Milly WaJesus has taken to her Instagram, with her husband Kabi WaJesus in tow, to celebrate their daughter baby T- not forgetting their son Taji WaJesus who will be turning 3 years soon. An emotional Milly WaJesus penned a heartfelt message;

”Aaaw am about to cry 😭😭😭😭.
This is soo surreal, our baby turns 3 months today and soon @tajiwajesus turns 3 years wow glory to Jesus.

Lakini mbona tulikua tuna colour crush hivi?🤣

@adenzo_comfiess we have come a long way with our babies 🥰. Thank you for being part of our parenting journey.

Milly continued to vacillate on whether to have a party for her 3 months daughter or not.

”I see online aunties you know your baby too well 🥰. Wangapi wameanguaka mtihani?
Baby @tajiwajesus vs baby T both at 3 months. I am a proud mum 🥰. Sijui kama nifanye 3months birthday?”

Even though Milly has not been sharing numerous photos of their daughter, one look at their adorable daughter will show you that she’s a photocopy of their first born son Taji WaJesus. This is Milly’s 2nd born, while for Kabi WaJesus, baby T is his 3rd born since he had sired a daughter before marrying Milly.

The excitement in raising the kids is evident among the couple; who would probably have more soon.


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