The Wajesus Family is an inspiration to many young couples

Kabi and Milly Wajesus are admired by many young people because of how they carry themselves, at least when they are in public.

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We might not know the nitty gritty details of their relationship but from a distance you can tell they are deeply in love.

The Wajesus Family

You see, Kabi and Milly both came from humble backgrounds and seeing how far they have come, one can’t help but admire them.

They have built each other and held each other’s hands over the years and that’s how they got to where they are today.

What’s more is that they are religious and they are not afraid to show it because God has helped them achieve great feats.

Wajesus Family

Gone are the days when Nameless and Wahu were the it couple. These days, almost every young person wants their relationship to be like that Kabi and Milly Wajesus.

I’m aware that sometimes bad things are said about them but the truth is that trees that bear fruit are always stoned.

This couple is an inspiration, even people who are not in relationships with they had what the Wajesus Family has.


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