‘The Word Of God Says, Forgive’- Willy Paul Pleads Size 8 To Unblock Him

Saldido Records CEO and singer Willy Paul remains disconsolate after being blocked on Instagram by gospel artist Size 8 four years ago. Pozee also found himself locking horns with Size 8’s hubby DJ Mo, who didn’t hesitate to come to his wife’s defense after Pozee called her out.

Willy Paul had also previously called out Size 8 for forgetting their musical relationship.

”Size 8, you blocked me on Instagram just like that. 4 yrs now. Is that what God’s people do? Surely ni gospel gani hii? Ata simu zangu hushiki. Thought tulikuwa brother and sister. Anyway thanks a lot woman of God. Remember no one is perfect”

Persistent Willy Paul

This time round, Willy Paul has reiterated on the same. He has written on his Instagram saying;

My sister Size 8, my eyes are closed in this photo. If I open them nijipate haujani unblock nitajua kweli haupendi Mungu. The word of God says, forgive na pia usi judge. Right now my life iko in danger naeza FINYWA anytime just because I spoke my mind. Mungu nisaidie wewe ndiye MFINYANZI wa kweli na wengine ni kasheshe tu Baba…”
From Size 8’s side, she hasn’t disclosed why she decided to block Pozee; and remains silent on this issue. Maybe she has let her hubby deal with Willy Paul.
Anyway, Willy Paul is alleged to be making this publicity stunts just to fetch attention for his upcoming album.

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