Thee Pluto And Felicity Flaunt Baby Bump In Exquisite Maternity Photoshoot

Businessman and YouTuber Thee Pluto is about to receive a replacement baby from heavily pregnant girlfriend Felicity Shiru. Pluto is still being denied access to his first born daughter by his baby mama- who’s identity still remains surreptitious.

Late last month, the exuberant parents-shared the good news with their fans.

The lovebirds said they did not want to reveal to their fans early enough about their pregnancy since they wanted to have their moments of privacy Thee Pluto confirmed he is ready for the child bragging that he will never let their baby suffer as he had made investments,

From whatever God has provided, the kid cannot suffer because, to be honest, I have tried to make investments here or there and tried to take some insurance covers zenye zinaweza saidia hapa na pale. Hawezi teseka,” said The Pluto

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The jovial couple went ahead to share a snippet of their photoshoot dressed in matching dazzling gold colours. They also matched their crown, with Felicity’s conspicuous baby bump remaining exposed. Below is a screenshot of their photoshoot.

Congratulations are in order for the two sweethearts, who will be among the youngest celebrity couple.

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