Thee Pluto is smart for making his woman abandon social media but..

Thee Pluto is smart for making his woman abandon social media but it’s a decidedly dumb for him to personally make as that is what gave him his status and what allows him to make money. This feels like this is a very reactionary move from him led by emotions as he is frustrated by the constant attacks on his personal life.

Baby mama culture: Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru have made a big mistake!

This is a rather simple situation and a short story; need to man up, sac up and realise that his situation comes with a lot of lamps but that is part of the territory and also part of what it means to be a man.

Thee Pluto needs to understand that he is in a position of privilege that he himself and that an entire country of youth would give their right hand to enjoy even just for a moment. What we see when we look at him as a successful young man with a great YouTube career. But for some reason he is hell-bent making a victim.

Thee Pluto Justifying His Source Of Wealth Says A Lot

By having his common-law wife social media what he has done is to ensure that fast he can control the flow of information regarding how his relationship is moving along and secondly that they are not a bunch of faster Sims constantly throwing their attention and validation at his missus. He will have privacy and a partner who’s focused solely on their young family.

This is especially important if Thee Pluto wants Felicity to be a housewife and stay-at-home mother. And he can now begin to think about recalibrating his public image so that he’s not always seen as a soft target for guys like Andrew Kibe’s attacks.

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