Thee Pluto Justifying His Source Of Wealth Says A Lot

Instagram model and YouTuber Thee Pluto has recently been on the spotlight after several people questioned his source of wealth. The youngin had bought himself a Toyota TX worth millions last year. In a matter of months, he once again flaunted a similar ride, but of a different color.

Andrew Kibe is among the few who questioned the content creator’s source of wealth; insinuating that he’s indulging into unscrupulous businesses to milk millions.

Money Moves

In his defense, Thee Pluto purported that he traded his first Toyota car with his current one.

“So I traded in my previous Prado to get the latest one, a diesel engine because we travel far during ‘sanitizations’. But what the enemy is telling you ni ati huyu msee anabuy magari mob in one year. No way ako na hizo doo. Doo gani? Who doesn’t understand how trade-in happens ? Stop manipulating my good people out there with lies!!!”

He continued;

“One more thing, who said content creators don’t make money? Ati hakuna vile content inaeza buy gari . Manze kutoka nibuy hii gari nimekaptia I want to ask this, ‘I’m the only content creator in this country who has a car?’ Wivu ya nini jamani . It’s true many people want to see you fall.”

But there’s still doubt on whether his content is enough to make him such huge amounts of cash. And the manner he’s interested in justifying his source(s) of income tickles us to believe there might be something more that we don’t know about.


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