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Thee Pluto Speaks On Felicity Shiru Pregnancy Rumours (Video)

June 30, 2022 at 08:38
Thee Pluto Speaks On Felicity Shiru Pregnancy Rumours (Video)

For several days now, self-proclaimed ‘chief sanitizer’ Thee Pluto’s girlfriend Felicity Shiru has been rumoured to be carrying their first baby. And you know Kenyans are never far from the truth with such as they pay attention to every small detail. It’ll be an interesting conversation considering the two are among the youngest sought after celebrity couple- who even moved in together just before Felicity Shiru’s graduation.

To begin with, a short clip that made rounds on social media exposed Felicity’s protruding belly- which was believed to be a baby bump. This was among the conspicuous things that led to the speculations- not forgetting her evident weight change. Additionally, she hasn’t been posting for a while, meaning she doesn’t want her pregnancy to go public. Netizens have also called her out for wearing baggy clothes to hide the baby bump- but won’t be for long if the speculations are true.

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Pluto Speaks On Felicity Pregnancy Rumours

Fans remain inquisitice over the latter, and the two sweethearts seem reluctant to share exact details on the same. Pluto shared his sentiments recently with Mungai Eve over the rumours. He prevaricated his statement and was reluctant to give the exact answer as to whether Felicity is indeed pregnant;

”Kupiga picha nusu kwani ni dhambi? Kwani kuvaa hoods ni dhambi? Watu wamekuwa waki speculate. Ni poa waki speculate… That answer, Fel ni yeye anaeza wajibu. Kuna vitu zenye huongelei watu wengine.”

Pluto maintained that he’s ready & willing to be a 2nd time dad. Watch his full interview video below;


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