Thee Pluto Weighs In On Willy Paul, Diana Marua Sc@ndal- ‘Wote Wasanitiziwe’

The ‘street sanitizer’ Robert Ndegwa, known to many as Thee Pluto; has shared his sentiments on musician Willy Paul’s beef with Diana Marua. The genesis of the beef being comparing each other’s music performance. The issue escalated to be more serious after Diana made paramount allegations of Willy Paul attempting to r*pe her some years back.

Anything For Clout?

Until now, we’ve come to learn that Willy Paul & Diana were good friends back in the day. Diana’s allegations are yet to be proven. But Willy Paul has strongly rebuked Diana’s actions and claims that she should tell her husband and netizens the truth. Pozze states that the whole thing is a hoax by Diana meant to chase clout.

Thee Pluto’s View

Known for his loyalty test videos, YouTuber Thee Pluto believes that the two should be ‘sanitized’.

He adds that the ramifications of r*ape are dire & that the duo should pull down their case against each other; since there’s no solid evidence to justify the allegations and it’ll only be a loss to both of them.

”This whole issue about D and Pozze. D went to Pozze’s car willingly. No hard evidence of attempted rape. only words. she didn’t report it then. Reporting it now. It wasn’t right for Pozze to release a track that everyone regards it in reference to D, as Pozze says it wasn’t meant for her. D seeks a law suit, Pozze does the same. Both parties will lose eventually… I think both parties should withdraw their statements and not interfere with each other’s bs…

Ama wote wasanitiziwe basi. Chief sanitizer school of thoughts.”

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