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There Are No Stingy Men, They Invest Where They See Value-Jalang’o Tells Women

April 20, 2021 at 09:32
There Are No Stingy Men, They Invest Where They See Value-Jalang'o Tells Women

Men have been at loggerheads with women for quite some time on the issue of spending. Those men who don’t spend on their women are often termed as ‘stingy’.  From the women’s perspective, such a man should be dumped. However, comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o reveals that no man is stingy.

Queen B machine! Stunning photo of Jalango and wife, Amina on a night out

Jalang’o and his wife-Google

He claims that men will only spend their money on a woman who they see value in. Speaking at Kiss FM alongside Kamene Goro, Jalang’o says that a man will do everything he can to get some cash and spoil his woman; only if he sees value in her.

”There is no man who is stingy. There is nothing like a stingy man… Men will always spend when they see value, or they spend where there’s value… What value can he see on you to spend on you? Case closed.”

Kamene Goro agreed with Jalang’o and said,

”Let me tell you something, I honestly must agree. Where a man sees value, ata kama hana doh, atafanya juu chini atafute na aspend… You know men are all about RY. He will never put his money, inaingia tu kwa shimo ku burn… Do you have something of value to substantiate him spending money on you?”

Women should heed this advice. Men will definitely do all they can to get some cash and spoil a lady; but only if they see value.


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