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“They have finally reached out ” Jalango shares update on Eli and Litiema

June 14, 2022 at 13:18
“They have finally reached out ” Jalango shares update on Eli and Litiema

Word making rounds is that chances are that Jalang’o and his workers came up with a plan/skit where he would accuse them of robbing him and disappearing – a strategy that would help win sympathy votes now that elections are around the corner.

For some reason – netizens did not want to believe that Jalang’o would leave a huge amount i.e millions in his car – and still entrust the same vehicles to his two workers. From what most netizens say is that paranoia would never allow them to ever trust a person that much….like come on, we’re talking about millions of shillings here.

Revealed: Huge amount Jalang’o’s ex workers allegedly stole from his car

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Anyway speaking to Mungai eve in recent interview, Jalang’o came out clean distancing himself from the clout chasing stunt. In his voice, you can hear the bitterness he still holds inside after being betrayed by the two people he had trusted with his home and even drunk with once in a while in his backyard.

Police matter

Through the interview, we also learnt that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema already reached out fans are in contact with both him and the police.


Although Jalang’o says he is yet to come into terms with such betrayal – truth is, there is no way he would rehire these two. Not just because once bitten twice shy but because they’ve proven themselves in broad daylight.

As of now, we’re hoping the police and the politician will share more details about the two and since they’re in Bungoma…chances are that the DCI are already tracking them too.


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