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“They insult and call me old” Anerlisa Muigai talks about life after divorcing Ben Pol

July 19, 2021 at 11:14
“They insult and call me old” Anerlisa Muigai talks about life after divorcing Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai has not been having a good year. Well, it all started with a few issues with her marriage to Ben Pol; and later on resulted to a bitter divorce that has clearly left Anerlisa facing the wrath of Tanzanian fans on her gram.

Ex husband cum lover Ben Pol

For months now, Anerlisa has made it known that she has haters looking to tarnish her name; and the sad part is that former best friend, lover and ex husband Ben Pol is one of them.

The Tanzanian singer made his ‘dislike’ towards Anerlisa very public after he threw shade telling her; that all she has is money – and nothing else to offer.

Ben Pol to Anerlisa

Wait…. is he saying that money is bad or just sad that it’s in Aner’s account and not his?

Anerlisa addresses relationship with Tz fans

Anyway as seen on a new post regarding her relationship with Tanzanian fans; Aner made it known that all she gets is insults and back lash from these people.

So far all they have managed to do is through harmless insults like being called old; among other insults – but never has she thought of hitting back. Smart.

According to Anerlisa, she prefers keeping her mouth shut as she hopes to one day expand her business to Tanzania saying;

Tanzanians always like to abuse me and call me old. But I let that slide because one day I would like them to support our business. Still got love for yall.


But again, at least they know she is good at getting her money at the end of the day.


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