THIEF! Do you know why Kanze Dena was appointed at Statehouse? Cyprian Nyakundi spills the beans

Kanze Dena left Citizen TV sometimes in June 2018 after she appointed State House Deputy Spokesperson. Barely two months after she assumed office, Kanze Dena was promoted to the acting State House spokesperson and head of the Presidential Strategic and Communication Unit.

Kanze’s quick promotion came after her former immediate boss Manoah Esipisu was nominated for an ambassadorial position.

Kanze Dena and president Uhuru Kenyatta during a past interview on Citizen TV
Kanze Dena and president Uhuru Kenyatta during a past interview on Citizen TV


Cyprian Nyakundi has come out to claim Kanze Dena was not given the State House job because of merit. The controversial blogger alleges that the former Citizen TV anchor was handed the State House job by her benefactors.

THIEF! Do you know why Kanze Dena was appointed at Statehouse? Because she’s a thief like her benefactors.
Kanze Dena was in-charge of Slimpossible at Citizen TV a while back. Dis bitch did not pay the people who worked as instructors, trainers and the likes. She just kept taking them round in circles.
These are guys who spent their own money for transport, airtime, etc.
Yet when you see her on social-media, she’s always waxing religion, invoking God’s name whenever she can. Fuckin hypocrite!
If you want to know a fraudster, look at the person who speaks about God alot, even when it’s not necessary.
Corporate cartels in Nairobi are very awful. We recently saw Safaricom staffers collude with rogue promoters to steal money meant to pay Tiwa Savage. Corporate managers are the biggest scammers in Nairobi.
Because jobs in Nairobi are awarded based on sexual favors, cronyism, nepotism and the likes. So nearly 100% of employees in Corporate offices don’t deserve to be there. To survive their positions, they have to constantly steal ideas from unsuspecting people who innocently share their time and ideas.
Do you have an idea? Don’t share it with anyone working in Corporate Nairobi. Did they call you for a “meeting” ? Don’t go. Those meetings end up wasting your time and money in transport costs, only to get a regret letter, but later seeing your idea implemented without your input. Wachira Waruru of Royal Media is very notorious at this.
As Cyprian Nyakundi, I don’t attend meetings with corporate dick-heads, who think they own the world. Infact if you don’t have money upfront, I can’t even pick your phonecall. Cash first.
Kenyans stop being exploited ati just because someone is famous or on TV and you think you’re so important just because they gave you an appointment.
Treat corporate Nairobi brokers like the garbage that they are.

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