Things get thick for Mishi Dora as Pierra Makena’s legal team demands an apology in 7 days

Pierra Makena’s legal team is not playing around with Mishi Dora’s attitude. After insulting the female DJ on Instagram in a long post the Mishi apparently claims that she will not apologize.

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This is after Pierra Makena exposed the imposter using her name in the WhatsApp group. The lady Beverlyne Michira says the only reason she used Pierra Makena’s name is because she is a big fan of the DJ.

Pierra Makena’s legal team

Anyway, even with this Pierra Makena still demands a written and Oral apology from the Nairobi Diaries actress. According to a legal statement from her legal team they have given Mishi 7 days to administer the apology or she faces the consequences.

Will Mishi Dorah really apologize? Let’s watch and see.

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