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Thirst Trap alert! Capital FM beauties parade their bikini bodies in tinny swimming suits, but who wore it better?

May 03, 2017 at 12:25

Capital FM has the hottest radio presenter and their is no doubt about this! Among them in Anita Nderu, Amina Abdi and the lovely Wanjira among others.

These beauties are not afraid to flaunt what they got from their mums and this is why Wanjira recently shared a thirst trap photo that has left team mafisi pocketing whenever they look at it.

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Together with Angela Wambui, Wanjira paraded her ‘buns’ and abs in a bikini that has left ogling at her fine body. Her friend was also not left behind as she showed off her amazing body in a print like bikini.

And today being on Wednesday I bet these two fine ladies walk away as our #WcW. Checkout the hot photo below:

Wanjira and Tracy Wambui

Wanjira and Angela Wambui


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