“This baboon has called for war” Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng for a physical fight

Image: Black Cinderella

Word making rounds on social media is that Bridget Achieng and former friend; Black Cinderella are back to calling each other on social media. According to reports, Black Cinderella recently received a threatening text from Bridget Achieng – saying she would shoot her.

Well, where two ladies are exchanging bitter words expect empty threats and I bet this is what has been happening between these two ladies. Of course fans appreciate the fact that Black Cinderella has been on the forefront; fighting for the late Shanty to get justice but with the unnecessary drama is definitely unnecessary.

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However with how the two ladies have been handling this situation shows that they had been beefing on the low; and are now using the Naifest situation to tear each other apart. According to Black Cinderella, the Naifest organizer has been sending her threats and when you thought things wouldn’t get any worse the two start drama online.

Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng

Responding to the alleged threat, Black Cinderella went on to reveal that she is a military child; who learnt many skills through her dad. She went on to post saying;

Where is the victory after killing someone’s child. Another yet died. All you do is sit infront of camera and threaten me? Since you have decided to kill people…. I am not defendless.. THIS BABOON HAS CALLED FOR A WAR. because SHE HIRES BOUNCERS TO KILL PEOPLE. I WILL DIE WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU BRING WHO. I AM FIGHTING YOU… YOU CANT KILL ME.. WE ARE GOING DRAW

Well, if this is two continue to with such stunts on social media; who will even think of taking them serious?

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