“This is not a competition!” Flaqo addresses Kenyans comparing him with Crazy Kennar

Image: “This is not a competition!” Flaqo addresses Kenyans comparing him with Crazy Kennar

Popular comedian Flaqo born Erastus Ayieko Otieno has set to record straight after Kenyans started comparing him to fellow comedian Crazy Kennar.

In every field, there are thousands of people trying to make a name for themselves in their unique way and like many can attest, the Kenyan comedy field is massive.

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But everyone, female or male, young or older is still able to create a niche for themselves and have a percentage of die-hard fans impressed by their content.

Unfortunately, one will always get compared to another.

Flaqo vs Crazy Kennar?

This time, Kenyans tried to place popular content creators, Flaqo and Crazy Kennar on a weighing balance to determine who outshines the other.

This is after Kennar recently teamed up with popular Inaniaffect actress, Cartoon, in comical stunts that have since gone viral.

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Up on twitter, some believed Flaqo should be worried and watch out for Crazy Kennar who was following behind closely.

A series of tweets the comedian has addressed clarifying that he is not here to compete, in fact Flaqo called Kennar his ‘brother’, each talented in their own way.

Too much trolling

But it is not until the trolls became too much that the radio presenter decided to address the claims once and for all.

“I wake up everyday to find this happening, mara who is better… it is not a competition!”

Flaqo addresses trolls

In fact, he clarifies that he does not care what kind of rankings he gets, because this is no game of thrones. For him, he is here to entertain people and express himself. Fullstop.

“I don’t care who is what. Art is a platform to express yourself, entertain, break ribs and teach at the same time. It’ s not a Game of Thrones. I personally don’t care about being or not being the King of Comedy and I never will care,” he tweeted back.

Crazy Kennar is a funny man known for his popular ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar series’, having created a name way before Flaqo did.

But Flaqos ability to bring in multi-character brand in the comedy industry, shone his star brighter.

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