This Is Why Bensoul Wants Marijuana Legalized In Kenya

Benson Mutua Muia, famously known as Bensoul, has joined the controversial debate on whether to legalize marijuana or not. The singer seems to strongly agree with Octopizzo on the issue of legalizing the drug.

In an interview, Bensoul said that marijuana is actually safer than the cigarettes and alcohol people are taking.

”I feel like ni conversation government yetu inafaa ku take upon.”


The singer also adds that marijuana has helped economies to grow. He also gives an example of Rwanda and Canada.

”Angalia countries kama Canada, walilipa deni yao within the second day. It’s a big industry.”

He also adds that USA has a good economy because they legalized Marijuana.

The singer has joined Senator Ledama Ole Kina and Octopizzo to campaign and champion for the legalization of marijuana in Kenya publicly.

The late Kibera Member of Parliament, Hon. Ken Okoth has also been championing and campaigning for the legalization of weed.

He wrote to the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to petition for the legalization of marijuana use. He was the first Kenyan MP ever to support marijuana legalization.

I honestly think that our economy needs to try all means to get better and sustainable. Besides, we have a huge debt to pay as a country.

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