Three questions we have for Akothee about her new mzungu

Image: Akothee enjoying birthday vacation

Akothee is in a new relationship and she seems happy. She finally admitted to being taken after weeks of denying being in any sort of relationship with a man. Granted, we’d all gotten the man in question wrong but we did know he was a mzungu.

Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Boyfriend (Screenshot)

What was also additionally surprising is the fact that she is not with a geriatric man. Instead, she is with a young white man and the pair seem to be head over heels for each other with them currently being on holiday in Mombasa.

Akothee with son and baby daddy

I am sure there is a gang of young Nairobi girls who would want to grill Akothee on how and where she finds these wazungu because this is her third mzungu man that we know of. Sure she dated Kenyan men previously but one of these men was her first husband -the man who found an innocent, young Akothee before she became Madam Boss.

Akothee responds to rumors claiming she traffics Kenyan girls to Saudi Arabia

The second is the man who is doubtlessly punching the air as he sees her move on with her new man especially given how he damn near risked it all for his lady love (his family were upset he was dating a much older woman) and that man is Nelly Oaks.

Akothee with another one of her former mzungu lovers

And as I started thinking about Akothee and Nelly Oaks, I realised I had some questions about her new relationship that are going to touch on his person and they are:

Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

#1. Was Nelly Oaks a cover for your penchant for wazungu?

When you think about it, it seems like Nelly Oaks was just a smoke screen to distract from the fact she wants wazungu. I say this because he was at best, a commercial break and at worst, he was just a seat warmer while Akothee searched high and low for her next mzungu baby mama.

Akothee with Nelly Oaks while they were together

#2. Is she going to try and baby trap this mzungu?

While she was with Nelly Oaks, she had been intimating that she wanted some children before it was too late. However, she never really seemed committed to having them by Nelly Oaks. Perhaps she really does take swirling seriously but whatever. The question now is whether or not she is going to try and trap the man by getting pregnant is something only she can answer… Well, even if she doesn’t time will tell.

#3. Is this relationship just a fling or will we see her finally settling down?

I mean, she is a single mother of 5. That is no small brood. So does this mzungu know what is on the cards for him? Because Akothee needs to understand that he might just be looking for fun and while there is nothing wrong with that, we, as her digital in-laws have questions for him.

Then again, Akothee is a grown woman who knows how to filter for good men. So we probably needn’t worry too much about this relationship.

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