Throwback photo of KTN’s Ben Kitili chasing his dreams as a DJ excites netizens

Image: Throwback photo of Ben Kitili chasing his dreams as a DJ excites netizens

It has been a journey for majority of personalities who back in the day would never imagine the milestones they have achieved so far, would ever become a reality.

Many still young and in their vibrant years when trial and error was the thing’. At times having to move with the waves other times, making decisions they thought were final.

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Each trying their skill in different arts, ambitious that they will eventually get there and with enough practice, they would achieve their dreams.

Some whose careers took them in a totally different direction, and looking back, it looks like a crazy dream.

Ben Kitili DJ career

KTN senior news anchor and proud father of two, Ben Kitili shared his journey with online fans, telling a story many never heard about.

KTN journalist Ben Kitili

He puts up a throwback photo of himself back in the day when he was convinced enough that being a DJ was his calling.

Spotted at an undisclosed location, spinning the disk and headphones in place, Ben Kitili was living his dream.

Pretty young and much slimmer clad in those baggy jerseys, Kitili had already even branded himself ‘DJ Flipp!’ as he captions;

“Back in the day when I was so sure I wanted to be a DJ. #TBT

Ben Kitili aka DJ Flipp

Well, friends who could recall the journalists ambitions back in the day, questioned what happened to his dreams, that unfortunately never became a reality.

A question he is yet to answer but memories that remain to linger in his mind.

Meanwhile, Kitili and his wife, Amina Mude have been in quarantine after the mother to his kids tested positive for COVID-19 early in November, forcing the couple to mark their second year wedding anniversary indoors.

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