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Tiffany Muikamba denies beefing with baby daddy’s girlfriend “y’all forcing issues”

July 29, 2022 at 14:17
Tiffany Muikamba denies beefing with baby daddy’s girlfriend “y’all forcing issues”

So rumor has it that Tiffany Muikamba who is currently pregnant with Bensoul’s baby is beefing with the singer’s official girlfriend, Noni Gathoni. Okay…this is after Muikamba ended up pregnant with Bensoul’s baby thinking he would be with her – despite knowing very well he is in a relationship.

Bensoul’s baby mama showing off curves

That is why has been reported since Tiffany’s pregnancy was exposed by blogger Edgar Obare a few months back. Since then – it has been nothing but drama between Tiffany Muikamba and Noni Gathoni who keep throwing shade at each other on Social media.

From what has been reported is that one feels the other is bragging about a man who can’t stop hunting for other women despite being in a ‘relationship’ ; while the other one simply talks of the importance of ukiachwa, achika.

And I’m thinking mmmh – Bensoul must really be worth huh….ingekuwa ni mimi napiganiwa – aki hamngewai pumua. Ningekuwa na weka tu motivation posts….

Bensoul with girlfriend

No beef here

Well after seeing the two posts aimed at each other (Tiffany and Noni) everyone was convinced indeed there is beef; but again – Tiffany seems to have changed the tune as she now says people are forcing beef between her and Bensoul’s girlfriend. What people?

It’s  actually interesting that she feels this way. Not sure why or what she was thinking shared the post knowing very well – it describes her current situationship….then goes on to claim bloggers are forcing beef? Aje tena.

Anyway explaining herself through IG stories, the lady wrote;


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