TikTok Baba Talisha feels guilty about ‘wasting’ his time by attempting to assist Brian Chira

Kenyan TikToker Faustine Lipuku Lukale, also known as Baba Talisha, is regretting trying to help fellow TikToker Brian Chira. In a live video on TikTok, Baba Tee confessed that he had invested a lot of time and money into trying to help Chira get back on his feet, but Chira had ruined everything.

Baba Tee said that he had teamed up with other people to help Chira put up a nail spa in Nairobi CBD, but even before the project could kick off, Chira had ruined everything. He said that no brand in Kenya will ever want to work with Brian Chira because of what he has done, and that Chira had even lost the opportunity to learn how to do nails.

“No brand in Kenya will ever want to work with Brian Chira over what he has done. Even the place used to go for a shave they have said they don’t want to see him again. Brian had gotten even a guy to teach him how to do nails.
And he has lost that. I have been wasting my time every day trying to take him to town, advising him to even start a podcast, and buying him Sh46,000 equipment. Found him a place to start his nail spa at Tea Room with a full set up, but nothing. He has just destroyed his life in seconds. 
I have done everything for this boy, from advice, to support him. There is no one I have supported like Brian just to lead him correctly. I told him several times not to mention people in his videos but he doesn’t listen. Don’t be drunk and come to the camera, you want fame but it will destroy you. He doesn’t listen”

Baba Tee expressed his disappointment at Chira, saying that he had done everything he could to help him, but Chira didn’t listen. He said that he had advised Chira not to mention people in his videos and not to go live drunk, but Chira had ignored his advice.

Baba Tee also alleged that some of the stunts Chira has been pulling on live cameras have been intentional, and that Chira had even talked about wanting to do something to trend on Twitter.

Baba Tee’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of helping someone who is not willing to help themselves. It is also a reminder that fame can be fleeting, and that it is important to be careful about what you do when you are in the spotlight.

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