TikTok beef! Nyako and Akothee got into a nasty fight over the title of “GOAT”

A war of words has erupted between Kenyan singer Akothee and TikTok content creator Nyako, with both vying for the coveted title of “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT) on the popular social media platform.

The feud ignited when Nyako released a video filled with insults, challenging Akothee to a verbal showdown. Nyako claims she stumbled upon Akothee’s videos, insinuating that the singer was indirectly throwing shade at her.

“I was scrolling through videos, and it’s clear that I’m being addressed directly or indirectly,” Nyako asserts in the viral video.

Nyako’s attack on Akothee became increasingly personal, resorting to using derogatory language. “The president of single mothers (Akothee). I’m the president of TikTok. Come with a little respect here on TikTok. We know you’re the money madam. You’ll even marry a 100-year-old Mzungu; you don’t care. Take it slow. You’re the brand, yes, but not on TikTok. TikTok belongs to hustlers, not braggarts. You don’t have money. TikTok has its owners. You won’t succeed here. Take it slow,” Nyako lashes out.

Nyako further claims to have surpassed Akothee in terms of TikTok followers, asserting that the singer is no match for her on the platform. “When it comes to insults, I’m the house of insults. I can insult you until when you wake up, you can’t find anything in your head,” Nyako fumes.

Akothee, undeterred, responded by daring Nyako to continue mentioning her name, threatening to expose her and even traveling to Germany to address her in person. “I’ll insult you with facts. Actually, it’s Akothee’s name that’s paying your bills. Don’t you have content to share with your fans? What did you come to TikTok to do? I’m the GOAT; I don’t need anyone’s name for clout,” Akothee retorts.

The online spat between Akothee and Nyako has captured the attention of many, with social media buzzing with reactions and opinions. Some have expressed amusement at the back-and-forth exchange, while others have criticized both parties for their uncivil behavior.

It remains to be seen how this online feud will unfold, whether it will escalate further or fizzle out eventually. Regardless, the drama has certainly left a mark on the Kenyan social media landscape.

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