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Is Tina Kaggia hitting back after her ex husband revealed his new girlfriend?

November 21, 2017 at 14:42
Tina Kaggia

There is definitely an indirect online war between Tina Kaggia and her ex husband, JB Masanduku. This is after the lady came out to reveal some of the nasty things she faced when married.

According to Tina Kaggia, her ex was never involved in their lives. He was barely present when his first child was born as he was out partying with friends. Even after trying to work out things between the two, Tina Kaggia finally chose to walk away.

JB Masanduku introduces new lady

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However, after watching people give Tina Kaggia too much attention JB Masanduku hit back. Through his Instagram page the fella introduced his new found love leaving fans shocked. Most could not believe that he had opted to find love somewhere else forgetting his own children.

Tina Kaggia’s hits back

Well, the drama between these two is not about to end anytime soon. Tina Kaggia’s new posts have now left fans wondering whether they are aimed at her ex husband. In one post she wrote saying:

Dogs get attention when they chase cars.It is absolutely cute and cuddly. But I’m yet to see one driving a Bentley ????. Respect yourself. Attention is the most fickle and fleeting little thing on this planet. Seek things with value and longevity. #respect#putsomerespekonyourname #chasingcars

So could she be bashing her ex husband? Who knows! Here is the other post.


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