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Tina Kaggia reveals she is ready to jump back into the dating pool

January 02, 2018 at 12:19
Tina Kaggia reveals she is ready to jump back into the dating pool

Comedian JB Masanduku’s ex wife Tina Kaggia might be planning on moving on after her bitter split with her husband. This comes as part of her New Years resolution where she shared a post indicating her plans.

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About a month ago the former Classic FM presenter revealed that she almost suffered depression and got into alcoholism after her relationship with JB went sour.

She was checked into a rehab a couple of times and according to JB the ex husband, Tina Kaggia at some point almost committed suicide in front of him.

Time to move on

However all that drama has been left behind and Tina is ready to jump back into dating. In her latest post shared on Instagram she wrote saying;

Resolutions 2018. 1.Stop ghosting good guys. 2.Wake up an hour earlier than necessary. 3.Read the Bible more. 4.Meditate more. 5.Burpees 6.Laser off something. 7.Teach the kids how to play chess. 8.Grow back my hair. 9.Save hard! 10.Less jeans and vests, more little dresses. 11.Drink more water. 12.Go on more dates. I actually don’t like them. What about you? #Resolutions #2018

well it could be the best thing for her especially since her man is already seeing someone else.


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