Top 5 richest influencers

In todays world, social media reach is power meaning those with huge followings will always get advertisers hoping to work with them; and although in other countries some of these influencers are just ordinary people….in Kenya most influencers are celebrities making it big in the entertainment thanks to their status.


We all know Njugush has been bagging cooparate deals since embarking on his acting career and after a few years of hustling and creating a name for himself – today Njugush not only owns a home somewhere in Ruiru but drives a big machine….something he never thought he would achieve back when he couldnt even afford his cheap rent in Githurai.


Comedian Terence has come from far. We’ve heard his stories on how he kept pushing just to get his name out there. However i believe it wasn’t his as everybody else focused on Eric Omondi who was riding on every advert; but after covid – Terence not only got his breakthrough but has been landing multiple advertsrunning in primetime TV right now….something he had always hoped for but never imagined it would happen overnight, despite the many times he faced rejection.


Kabi WaJesus flashy surprise birthday event

The WaJesus family are also known for being top influencers who have worked with the likes of Bonfire among other big companies using them to market their products since they have a huge following.

For this reason, we’ve literally seen the couple ‘s life change right in front of our eyes i.e moving to the suburbs and driving some of the most fanciest cars in the market. Although they also work as church people…i can honestly tell you that their wealth sio kutoka kwa sadaka.

Diana B

You can imagine having to use men for money then years later youre living in a mansion with a younger husband….truly Diana B has come from far which explains why she remains hardworking and focuses on her brand which now pays her family bills. Although we can’t say her wealth is from her music…all we know is that she definitely has power when it comes to social media endorsement and this is what has boosted her growth.

Sean Andrew

Sean Andrew

Well, bring the grandson of the 3rd president of Kenya has done Sean Andrew some justice in terms of people he works with on social media. You see, not everyone is confident to approach the grandson of a former president…and with this fear, Sean is lucky enough to have well being brands knock on his door and of course the highets bidder wins…..and that is how the young man is slowly growing his wealth from the ground -.up.

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