Tough moment Celestine Ndinda watched as other kids walked around while Tugi could not even move (Video)

Image: Tough moment Celestine Ndinda watched as other kids walked around while Tugi could not even move (Video)

Tugi Kimani, an intelligent, quick-witted 2-year old boy born to comedian couple Njugush and Celestine Ndinda has become a charm to many but his early baby stages were not easy for his parents.

Celestine Ndinda better known as Wakavinye’ has come out to spill unknown details of her son’s growth at a tender age, that saw her struggle to see him grow like every other child.

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She chose to engage her pediatrician, in an open professional chat where she let in her fans as well, just in case anyone would benefit from it.

The revelation

During their talk, the Doctor happened to mention that a ‘normal’ child should be able to sit well by around 6 months but with some support.

Then at around 9 months, the baby should be able to firmly stand but with some support and achieve balance.

Tugi Kimani with his mom, Celestine Ndinda

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Then by 1 year, the kid should be moving around.

However, for Celestine Ndinda, that was not the case. She mentions that at 12 months, Tugi could not even move around like the rest of the kids.

“Apo ndio I think my Tugi alikaa. It took time for him to be able to walk,” she reveals.

Baby Tugi

So bad was it that every time they attended Sunday service, she could see other young children, especially girls even younger than Tugi, beautifully walk around in those gorgeous stockings and wonder how.

“Tunaenda Sunday school ama Church na unaona watoto wengine wadogo kwanza wasichana wako na stockings, wanatembea. Na Tugi hajawai songa, na huyo msichana anatembea ni mdogo kuliko Tugi,” she openly admits.

Looking quite concerned even though that happened to Tugi months ago, the doctor had to intervene and tell Cele that every child has their own time.

Have a listen at their fascinating conversation;

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