Toxic baby mamas: We need to celebrate Frankie Just Gym It

Image: Frankie exposed by baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie Just Gym It is a sober mind and we need to appreciate him and give him his flowers. Because while we do not get to see the rage he has towards his 1st baby mama, one thing is certain, she isn’t shy about belittling him to her cheering fans.

Maureen Waititu is a rather cantankerous and venomous spirit. We saw this when she came out to yell to the world about how he had wronged her but chose to omit her role in the demise of their relationship. She posted some one-sided posts that painted her as a victim, martyr and heroine.

When Frankie Just Gym It shared his side of the conversation, we finally got to see that she had not only omitted the truth but actively deleted it. And then the entire conversation got swept aside by her coven of social media witches who had previously come out to attack him.

“I am sorry for how I treated you” Frankie Just Gym It finally apologizes to Maureen Waititu 2 years after nasty split

And I have to wonder what her long game is. To publicly lie about and then shame your children’s father is never a great move. It might buy you cheap sympathy now but when the children are old enough to think for themselves when they start questioning things, that;’s when she will realise all the clout she was trying to foment from her personal woes with Frankie Just Gym It wasn’t worth it.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

And I am not trying to paint him as a saint. We do not know what happened between the two of them but one thing we know is that he’s had the sense to shut up about their issues. He has not once come out to talk down about or at his former spouse.

Frankie Just Gym it stands by his truth about baby mamas, consoles men handling similar ‘toxic’ situations

Frankie Just Gym It has had the presence of mind to know that should he ever do so, he will be feeding into the anger and resentment that his children will pick up on in future and that just might close the door on a possible reconciliation.

Maureen Waititu even faked an entire relationship to strike at Frankie

And that is why we need to give him his bouquet. Frankie Kiarie is not a stupid man. He is stoic and can look at the entire chessboard. He has realised what Maureen Waititu has not; she will not always be in control of the boys forever. And when they get to their rebellious phase, they will point their anger first at their father for “abandoning them” only to be told his side of things…

Why Frankie would obviously reconcile with Corazon instead of Maureen Waititu

I wonder whether all the members of her coven of social media witches will be there to help her navigate that phase that will inevitably come or whether they’ll continue turning a blind eye to her shenanigans and just enabling her refusal to take accountability.

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