Traders Protest Demolition Of Business Structures Along Naivasha Road

Traders protested the demolition of their business structures on Naivasha Road on Friday morning. The protesters blocked the road and lit tires on fire. They also set fire to posters from President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential campaign.

The protesters said that they were not given enough notice before the demolitions and that they had nowhere else to go. They also said that the demolitions were unfair, as they were targeting small businesses owned by Kenyans.

Police were called to the scene and used tear gas to disperse the protesters. The protests continued for several hours, but eventually the protesters dispersed.

The demolitions are part of a larger effort by the government to clear informal settlements in Nairobi. The government says that the demolitions are necessary to improve the city’s image and to make it safer. However, critics say that the demolitions are unfair and that they are displacing people who are already struggling to make ends meet.

The protests in Kawangware are a reminder of the deep divisions that exist in Kenya. The government’s efforts to clear informal settlements are popular with some Kenyans, but they are also deeply unpopular with others. The protests are also a reminder of the importance of dialogue and compromise in addressing the challenges facing Kenya

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