Trending Lady Explains How She Caught Her Boyfriend With His Other Girlfriend

Recently there has been a trending video of a woman crying sitting outside her boyfriend’s house. in the video She explains that she had come to visit her boyfriend yet she found another woman’s shoes at the door and the door was locked as well. Here is the original video:

The woman has now come out in an interview to explain her side of the story. Her name is Wangechi. Apparently sheโ€™s been dating Kevo for five years. Kevo’s birthday was the following day and she had decided to surprise him. Little did she know that he had already invited his other girlfriend to spend the birthday with him.

She says that she suspects that they left the other girlfriend’s shoes outside the door on purpose because if she hadnโ€™t seen them she would never have suspected anything. Apparently now her boyfriend has blocked her completely on all platforms after the incident. Makevo hawana huruma ata. See the full story in the video below:

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