Trouble in paradise for comedian Nasra and husband, Director Rashid?

Image: Newly weds: Nasra and Rashid

Comedian Nasra was recebtly trending after posting a Ksh 52k breakfast receipt she allegedly paid after spoiling herself. However the stunt backfired leaving Nasra looking like another celebrity living a fake life.

Well a few days later she posted one of her photos looking all sharp in a lady’s suit but what caught my attention was the caption which read;

So at this point im left wondering….wait…was she trying to prove a point to her man? I mean all women try to fake theyre living a good life after a break up, so could it be that Nasra borrowed Vera Sidika’s receipt for the same purpose?

Women and publiizing a breakup

Okay, although saying her caption speaks about her current marital situation sounds far fetched…i want to say Nasra is giving the hints right, left and centre with the kind of music she is using on her posts.

For instance theres one post where she used American singer Meghan Trainor’s hit song Like im gonna lose myself


Then Sam Smiths Too good at Goodbyes…..and


Okay….not being the only one who noticed, Nasra a few hours held a QnA where she kind of made it obvious that all was not well with hubby saying;


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