Trouble in paradise? Lilian Muli reveals her biggest regret in life!

Image: Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli has lately been opening up through her social media pages; and while others think this is weak, turns out that it is actually therapeutic in a way!

In her latest post, Ms Muli has left tongues wagging as fans wonder whether she is facing some challenges in her marriage. This is because the mother of 2 went on to open up revealing her greatest regret in life which is settling down for less.

Although this post is ambiguous, most fans went on to link it to her marriage; since this will not be the first time she is ranting about her life regrets that continue to drag her behind.

This time around she however went straight to the point as she revealed the only regret in life; which is settling down for less when she could have done better.

Lilian Muli

The only regret I have in life is settling for less when I could have had so much more. Set your standards and stick to them unapologetically.

Community husband

Back in 2019, Lilian Muli went on to rant about her baby daddy Jared Ombogi where she called him out for being a polygamist!

Not only was she disgusted by this but the anchor went on to refer to him as community husband; a name that has since stuck and might not be going anywhere soon. She went on to write saying;

Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone.

Muli went on to conclude saying;

Sociopaths will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims. When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside.

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