Trouble in paradise for former Tahidi High actress and her man? Checkout what she has been posting

Jacqueline Mwangi popularly known as Jolene from Tahidi High has left many talking after a couple of posts she has been sharing on her social media pages for the past few days.

Well, rumor has it that her relationship might be facing some issues judging from the ‘relationship quotes’ seen on her Facebook account now that she deactivated her instagram account. From what we can see from the quotes, the former actress talks about being cheated on and how a man should work on himself….

Not sure whether her quotes should be used as hints as to what is happening in her love life, but from a woman’s perspective I know that most ladies prefer reaching out using such quotes when they are facing issues in their relationships.

Anyway, we cannot confirm what is really going on with Jolene and her baby daddy Kev Nyogz but her quotes have left many assuming that all is not well between her and her man. We will however try to find out more details on what could be going on between them.

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