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‘Tumalize Hii Baby Fever’-Akothee Set To Undergo Artificial Insemination

July 15, 2022 at 15:43
'Tumalize Hii Baby Fever'-Akothee Set To Undergo Artificial Insemination

Akothee has been having baby fever for the longest time now- and she’s not hiding it. She’s just so obsessed with having her own kids that she has opted for artificial insemination to get her own kid(s).

She’s already blessed with 5 kids and she’s not stopping at that even if you admonish her to stop citing menopause as the main reason she can’t have her own. I mean, she has the money to add even a 7th kid. And that’s what she’s exactly aiming at.

The musician had recently stated that she’s ready to add other kids to her 3 daughters and 2 sons with a minimum of fuss.


The interesting thing about Akothee is that she’s not shy when it comes to sharing her mind. And this is what she shared on her Instagram;

I have something for kids. I miss something and I don’t want to get pregnant at 45 . Since looks like a partner won’t be possible soon. I will be going for Artificial insemination here in France 📌 So when you see me pregnant don’t ask me who the father is . 🙏 All I want is my own baby with No drama,. Cheers and good night .

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And she’s now ready for the surgery. She wrote on one of her latest Instagram post;

” We are at the doctors today, and by the way our baby has a father its only that you will never see him on social media. Hapa kuna wachawi wa relationship. A boy, girl or twins. Si we go for twins tumalize hii baby fever.”


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