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“Tumeachana!” Mama Diamond Platnumz responds after fans ask about her husband’s whereabouts

March 06, 2020 at 11:42
“Tumeachana!” Mama Diamond Platnumz responds after fans ask about her husband’s whereabouts

Mama Diamond Platnumz is done with her young husband judging from the comment she recently left under her post.

Word making rounds on social media is that the lady parted ways with her husband following the Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz drama.

Ex couple Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

According to reports Uncle Shamte was not pleased with how Mama Dangote and her son were treating the poor Kenyan lady; and after opting to intervene Mama Dangote did not take this lightly!

The two love birds are currently not in speaking terms and from the look of things, mama Diamond is not bothered by this! Uncle Shamte on the other hand remains inactive on social media and has refused to address the rumors on social media.

Uncle Shamte and mama Dangote unfollow each other

We are no longer together!

Anyway thanks to a post seen on Mama Dangote page we now understand that the couple is indeed no longer together.

Mama Diamond confirmed this while responding to a fan who asked about Uncle Shamte’s whereabouts!

Uncle Shamte yuko wapi?

To which Bi Sandra responded saying;


Mama Mondi

Is Mama Dangote a husband snatcher?

This comes about a year after Mama Diamond and Uncle Shamte walked down the aisle!

The two are legally married despite many branding mama Dangote as a husband snatcher!

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

Fans on social media claim that the 52 year old grandma stole Uncle Shamte from Iffah; a lady who had been dating Shamte and even had a baby together!

If indeed the relationship is over, then I bet Iffah’s son can now enjoy his dad’s love for once!


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