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Turn up! Willis Raburu’s ex wife living her best life after divorce (Photos)

June 08, 2021 at 11:52
Turn up! Willis Raburu’s ex wife living her best life after divorce (Photos)

While Willis Raburu is spending hours at the gym; his ex wife, Maryaprude on the other hand is living life to the fullest!

This is after getting married at 23 years, conceiving and losing baby at 24 years – not forgetting her divorce; well, I guess Ms Maryaprude is allowed to have as much fun as she can!

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

The lady this past weekend joined the many Kenyans who visited Nakuru for a lit event dubbed ‘Amapiano’ where she let lose; at least to experience the happier side of life!

Maryaprude proved this with several photos shared on her page; and judging from her smile – the lady did indeed have some great fun!

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

Maryaprude postpartum depression

Truth is, we are happy to see the lady bounce back on her feet after 2020 robbed her of everything she was in love with.

For those wondering – Ms Prude delivered a still baby on 31st 2019 as we crossed over to 2020; and in less than 6 months, her marriage to Willis Raburu failed leaving her with double stress hence depression.

However thanks to her support system, Maryaprude managed to take one day and a time; and although the stress contributed to her quick weight loss – were glad she made it through without the dark thoughts and memories that kept eating her alive.

Although she insists on maintaining silence on what led to her divorce; she once hinted that forgiving those who hurt her (Willis Raburu) has helped her sleep better now that she has no anger bottled up like before.

Also, we cannot help but notice the happy and healthy glow she now has. If you doubt this, then check out Ms Maryaprude turn up like never before!

Maryaprude with that pink Gin

Willis ex enjoying party life and drinks


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