“Tushapendana and that’s it!” Willy Pozee ready to risk it all for singer Jovial

I know were all thinking the Willy Pozee and Jovial relationship is one of their clout stunts….and since we saw it coming from miles away – I guess this explains why not many believe in their new found love.

Actually looking at some of the comments left under Willy Pozee’s photo with Jovial – most fans prefered telling him off for always using relationships to remain relevant. Jovial on the other hand was warned about Pozee’s ways – with others calling him a womanizer and a cheat; oh and not forgetting the many scandals he has had with young ladies exposing him on tabloids.

But then again – love is blind and if Jovial is truly in love with Willy Paul, then i guess all the advise she has been getting is falling into deef ears.

Pozee on loving Jovial

Anyway having seen some of the mean comments left by haters discouraging Jovial from getting involved with him….Pozee through his gram wrote;

Jovial on the other hand, told off her haters reminding them that life is for the living and if anything….she can make her own decisions and as of now, she chooses Willy Paul.

Kuna watu kwenye haya maisha huwa wanataka wakuendeshe na kukwambia nini cha kufanya na wakati maisha ni yako

And this is where that swahili saying comes in….mambo ya watu wanajifunika duvet moja wachana nayo…comes in.

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