Twitter toxicity exposed with the sad case of Terence Korir

We were recently awoken by the tragic case of Terence Korir who was found burned beyond all recognition in his personal vehicle, a Subaru, that was parked outside the gate to his residence. The details of the case are still unclear and under investigation, so that is as far as we will address that.

What we will instead focus on is the fact that Twitter went crazy and decided to wallow in their emotions as they discussed their opinions on the case. Kenyans on the micro-blogging site twitter decided to forget the old saying about opinions being like assholes and everyone having one doesn’t mean we want to smell theirs.
What was particularly peculiar about the way KoT discussed the Terence Korir case is the fact that the conversation devolved into a tribal diatribe with members of the Kikuyu community being forced to defend their women as the rest of the country’s 41 tribes raged against them with sometimes funny and sometimes overt tribal quips and tweets.


And this has exposed the reason why most people with common sense do not take twitter seriously. Twitter is an echo chamber of less than half a per cent of Kenyans online, each fighting for relevance. So they say and post the most outrageous tweets in a bid to outdo each other and showcase their pseudo intellect. And the twitter bigwigs are the worst.
So when they decided to engage in the Terence Korir situation, human decent was thrown out by both sides of the ideological and tribal divide. They both forgot that at the heart of it, a man had lost his life in a brutal and violent fashion. He deserved more respect than having his remains plastered online. A family was in morning because their father, husband, son, brother and friend had passed away and it isn’t too far off from the imagination that someone who knew him found out about his demise on Twitter.
No, not Kenyans on Twitter.

They refused to let the police do their investigations, instead of postulating theories of why Terence Korir died. Guys tried to get their seven chuckles in an attack each other all at the expense of human decency.
Yeah, Twitter is a toxic cesspit whenever Kenyans get on it to share their opinions.


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