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Tyler Mbaya And Girlfriend Georgina Njenga Get Tattoo Of Their Daughter (Photo)

September 12, 2022 at 13:58
Tyler Mbaya And Girlfriend Georgina Njenga Get Tattoo Of Their Daughter (Photo)

­Over the weekend, famous Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his popular girlfriend Georgina Njenga honoured their months old daughter Astra by drawing her tat on their body.

The two sweethearts are evidently enamored of their daughter, who was inadvertently sired in their 2 year old relationship that has impressed netizens.

Before Georgina fathomed about the pregnancy, the lovebirds were flaunting couple goals during their early stage in their relationship, and it was impeccable- nothing seemed to barr them from expressing how deeply in love they were (still are) with each other. And adding a baby girl was a blessing to them.

They’re not only content creators, but also first time parents. And despite their tender age and minimal experience, they have shown that they’re willing and able to undergo the route of parenthood.

While announcing the arrival of their new born, they poured out their hearts to her (Astra Nyambura) with a minimum of fuss.

In honor of their first born, both Tyler Mbaya and Georgina have now made a permanent mark on their bodies.

They flaunted their new tattoos on their chest with her name via their Instagram.

Their caption read:

“Our baby girl for life”

Baby Astra was welcomed several weeks before her due date- but her tremendous growth has been conspicuous. Congratulations are in order for them.


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