Tyler Mbaya Explains Why He Started A Family When He Was Young

Machachari actor Baha (Tyler Mbaya) welcomed his first ever child in tandem with his girlfriend Georgina Njenga almost a year ago. The two lovebirds welcomed their first child after being in a relationship for over a year. And it was all joy for them as they celebrated the arrival of their first born daughter.

The two have had their ups & downs; but they’ve never seized to support each other. Baha claims that many youngins who are looking up to him normally ask him if it’s appropriate to settle at an early age. Baha however, claims that everyone should have their own timing.

Baha On Settling Down

Photos: Machachari actor Baha and bae, Georgina Njenga show off daughter's  face – Nairobi News

While at his early 20’s, Baha already has a kid- somethin which not so many people are able to do. For the latter reason, Baha created a colloquy on the reason why he decided to have a family at a young age.

”Many other times nilikuwa unhappy rather than happy. I really needed a family. That’s why I had to create my own.”

According to Tyler, his mother’s death was the cause of him to make the decision. He’s currently raising his daughter with his girlfriend.

Watch Tyler’s full video below;

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