Tyler Mbaya needs to dump Georgina Njenga

Image: Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend

Tyler Mbaya decided to announce to the world that he was going to stand by his woman Georgina Njenga after her nudes was leaked on social media and while this is a feel-good PowerPoint it was actually another dumb decision from the man.

Damage Is Already Done- Tyler Mbaya Shouldn’t Go The Legal Route

We all rejoice because it seemed like a man was standing by his woman after she had been wronged however upon close inspection one of the things you notice about the videos that was leaked is that she had the same tattoos she received two years ago on her thighs.

Tyler Mbaya’s girlfriend

Such simple details revealed to us just how deeply in simpdom Tyler Mbaya truly is; she got those tattoos while she was with him so her argument that they came from a past lover are clear lies. Apps they speak to the fact that the couple is in a rather unorthodox relationship that borders on being an open slash polygamous relationship.

Georgina Njenga Announces Break-Up With Tyler Mbaya (Screenshot)

Whatever the case may be my mind harkens back to the wisdom my mentor ones impacted in me when he told me over quote, “Caesar’s wife must be above reproach”. And this needs to be the rule of thumb the former actor Tyler operates with.

Tyler Mbaya with baby mama

While we will not indulge in victim shaming for the leaked videos, we must still point out that she bears some responsibility for having sent them out and if our assumption that she did so while still dating Tyler Mbaya is proven true, danny has no business standing by her.

Alaaar! Tyler Mbaya on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

He needs to disembark from this farce of a relationship. Any man who seeks to improve his standing in society need to understand that his woman add to his prestige. His wife adds to his status. Therefore he cannot have a wife whom other high-value men look down upon.

Tyler Mbaya with lover Georgina

You cannot tell me that Tyler can walk into the same room as three other high-value men engage in conversation without them casting aspersion on him because of his wife’s scandal.

Tyler Mbaya says it was love at first sight with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

It was she that brought the shame and it should be she that bears the consequences of it. And that is before we even begin to tackle the question of what they will do when they are child comes of age and begin to ask questions about the video they will doubtless engage with.

Tyler Mbaya head over heels for his girlfriend, Georgina

Nah, Georgina is stained and if Tyler Mbaya is a smart man then he needs to walk away from the unfortunate and the damned lest his share their fate.

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