Tyler Mbaya of Machachari’s relationship started how most modern relationships start

Image: Tyler Mbaya with boo, Georgina Njenga

Tyler Mbaya and his girlfriend recently revealed that he and his girlfriend started their relationship out as an FWB arrangement and that got me thinking… Isn’t that how most modern relationships start out?

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Think about it, this is the very description of hook-up culture. When he saw his beau, his first thoughts did not go towards a relationship but relations and while it says alot about the former Machachari child star, it says even more about his girlfriend.

tyler mbaya
Tyler Mbaya head over heels for his girlfriend, Georgina

What do I mean by that statement? Well, when you think about it, Tyler Mbaya has just illustrated how most relationships these days aren’t the product of a well thought out intention but rather as a secondary outcome of sex.

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Boy meets giirl, he starts sleeping with girl first and maybe, just maybe, if they do so long enough, they might decide to start dating. Perhaps that is due to the lack of options they have or perhaps they have dependency issues.

tyler mbaya
Tyler Mbaya with lover

What happened to being deliberate about dating? Well, for starters, Tyler Mbaya probably had no one to teach him how to date as a man. And the same can be said about his girlfriend -no one taught her how to date like a woman.

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You see, Tyler Mbaya is a young man who has status. He has no business exclusively dating anyone. He needs to be focusing on building himself up by chasing his mission. He needs to be dating multiple women and learning himself and relationships by gaining experience.

tyler mbaya
Tyler Mbaya with lover Georgina

His girlfriend on the other hand needs to be dating an older man seriously. Why an older man? Because women usually date men whom they admire and while she admires her man’s celebrity status, an older man is who would sate her hypergamy.

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Tyler Mbaya should be focused on building a lasting legacy for himself because Kenya is not like Hollywood where child stars can survive off the strength of their past glory. He is not Macaulay Culkin. He must increase and improve his body of work as an actor.

That should be his main focus. Instead, what we have is a young man who has no guidance so he enters a relationships simply out of his lust for his partner. I fail to see how that is a solid foundation and how such a relationship would outlast troubled waters when they come crushing in.
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