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Tyler Mbaya shares experience with pregnant girlfriend, says it’s one tough journey

March 29, 2022 at 11:11
Tyler Mbaya shares experience with pregnant girlfriend, says it’s one tough journey

Their have been mixed feelings about Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya announcing their pregnancy. Probably because most people feel that they’re too young – but again, they seem to understand what they’re doing – so why not?

20 year old Georgina Njenga announces pregnancy

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Anyway the two announced their pregnancy by sharing a series of baby bump photos leaving many surprised. They also happened to share a detailed video on Georgina’s YouTube talking about their unborn baby; and of course how the lady learnt about the pregnancy.

From what Georgina says is that she may have gotten pregnant after her last period in September 2021…meaning she could or rather is 6 to 7 months pregnant so far but the journey has been one emotional roller coaster making her react to everything with tears.

Young daddy in the making

This being the first time Georgina and Tyler are experiencing pregnancy for the first time; actor Tyler says his woman’s pregnancy journey has had him on toes since the first trimester.

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Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend

For him life changed in a way that he had to learn the importance of patience; especially with the mood swings and tantrums from his pregnant 20 year old girlfriend. Speaking about this on their YouTube channel, Tyler said:

Vitu napitishwa. Sasa unanitolea mood swings, tantrums. Kila kitu kwa hii pregnancy journey ni the baby…


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