UDA letter surfaces online planning demonstration outside Raila’s house

Politics is a dirty game so when a letter surfaced online allegedly from within UDA claiming that the party members were seeking permission to hold their own demonstration outside Azimio principal’s houses, I meet it with a lot of skepticism.

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Maandamano Mondays had a huge impact on the nation as areas seen as Azimio strongholds held protests against the rising cost of living. UDA party members came out strongly to condemn the mass action calling on Raila to call his supporters to heel claiming the nation had lost 2 billion shillings due to the protests announced by Honourable Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition.

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The letter would have you believe that party members are seeking permission from within their own internal organs to hold counter-protests in a move that would be incendiary at best! And so one has to wonder whether or not this is a false flag by the opposition.

In a letter dated March 17th, the members of the UDA said the following:

#Maandamano: Maseno Student shot dead by police

“Wk appreciate the role and mandate of The National Police Service. in maintaining
law and order. preserving peace. and protecting ife and property. I i in this regard.
wwe write to request security personnel in view of hustlers that will be demonstrating
against dwisive politics, destruction of property, and probable loss of ves. This is in light
of Azimio’s Countrywide demonstrations scheduled for Monday 20% 2023.

We are expecting at least 20,000 people in tomorrows piketing on Karen, Kisury, and
Lower Kabete roads leading to the following homesteads;

1. Raila Odinga

2. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka

3. Martha Karu

4. Eugene Wamalwa

Your consideration of our request wil be highly appreciated.

Kindly expedite.”

Time will tell whether or not this was an empty threat or propaganda by their opposing party to sully their reputation.

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