Uganda criminalizes LGBTQ

The anti-homosexuality bill 2023 has been passed by the parliament of East African state, Uganda and now awaits President Yoweri Museveni to ascent it into law. And this almost seems like a foregone conclusion given how vociferous he has been about his disdain for the lifestyle.

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Critics and human rights activists are lampooning the nation and its parliament saying the law would be the strictest anti-LGBTQ laws in Africa. A clause within the law states, “same-sex acts and even identifying as gay, lesbian, transgender or anything not in line with being straight are now criminal.

The speaker of the Ugandan August house even quipped that this bill had passed in record time as only one legislator spoke up against the bill. The rest said the law is needed to defend the traditional values of the conservative and religious East African nation.

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The irony of this isn’t lost on historians who know that Uganda (the Kingdom of Buganda at least) had a bisexual king in King Mwanga the second who was infamously known to enjoy congress with both men and women before he was overthrown.

It was only when Christian missionaries found their way into the kingdom preaching their conservative ideals that his subjects began to rebuff his advances and those who did were famously burned at the stake. Uganda’s bisexual king, Mwanga II was overthrown in 1888.


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