Ugandan scholar Stella Nyanzi describes her private part in detail, wants a Kenyan suitor

Stella Nyanzi recently visited Kenya and she didn’t want to leave without announcing that she was seeking a Kenyan man to warm her bed.

For starters, Stella Nyanzi rose to prominence because of her unending criticisms of president Yoweri Museveni. She is a very controversial figure because she uses sexual obscenities to express herself.

Nyanzi has undying crush on Sauti Sol’s Chimano. The controversial academic confessed that she ‘catches herself’ endlessly while replaying Chimano’s sections.

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Wants any Kenyan man
Stella Nyanzi
Stella Nyanzi

Stella caused a stir on social media when she announced that she is looking for any Kenyan man to love her. She described herself including her private parts in the announcement.

“Kenya has been sooooooooo good to me! Is there a Kenyan living in Kenya and looking for a hot-blooded big-breasted wide-cunted sharp-brained foul-mouthed Ugandan lover? Any offers to bring me back to Kenya forever?” Wrote Stella Nyanzi.




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