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“Ukiachwa achika” Vera Sidika tells off Brown Mauzo’s ex wife

September 09, 2021 at 15:54
“Ukiachwa achika” Vera Sidika tells off Brown Mauzo’s ex wife

I was starting to wonder why Vera Sidika has not addressed the Brown Mauzo baby mama drama; but I guess everything happens at the right time – and now we have information confirming that the two ladies are not friends at all!

Brown Mauzo’s wife

Actually from the posts shared by Vera Sidika I believe that they could be mortal enemies; since one thinks Mauzo was stolen from her and the other believes Mauzo chose to marry her for real I’ve.

Well, talking about how Brown Mauzo’s baby is a drama queen – full of sh*t if not lies; Vera drafted a lengthy post revealing that all the lady does is abuse her and Mauzo in text messages.

Mimi huitwa tu malaya😂🤣😂 “Wewe na huyo malaya wako.” Imagine a 26 year old with 3 kids different fathers. Calling me Malaya a 2 times divorce married to 50-60 year old men.

Dramatic liar

In a different post, Vera went on to call out Brown Mauzo’s baby mama for all the lies she keeps on social media; adding that the 26 year old is all about looking for online sympathy.

However promised the young woman that the truth would surface; and finally people would realize the kind of woman she is.

Vera over stepping?

Well chances are that Vera Sidika is telling her version of the truth; judging by the fact that all the information she has on baby mama has been given to her by Brown Mauzo.

However judging by the fact that Vera feels attacked every now and then by Mauzo’s ex; it could explain the new online rant.


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